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Our FAQS Page

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Is this all legal? Reveal/Hide Answer
How do I let someone know I've dedicated a part of my wake to them? Reveal/Hide Answer
How do I start using Dance On My Grave? Reveal/Hide Answer
What happens if someone tries to hack into my information? Reveal/Hide Answer
What happens to my page when I die? Reveal/Hide Answer
What happens to our complaints or suggestions? Reveal/Hide Answer
How do I change/update my personal details? Reveal/Hide Answer
What is DJ Your Own Wake? Reveal/Hide Answer
What are Friends? Reveal/Hide Answer
What Are Guardians? Reveal/Hide Answer
Why is the text animation on the front page not working? Reveal/Hide Answer
Why is Dance on My Grave not displaying content correctly in my internet browser? Reveal/Hide Answer
How do I Invite a Friend? Reveal/Hide Answer
Why are some parts of the site not translated into my chosen language? Reveal/Hide Answer
New FAQ Question Reveal/Hide Answer
When I close the PDF window using the the top-right X, the site closes as well. Reveal/Hide Answer
When I write my will, is it automatically hidden? Reveal/Hide Answer
What information should my living will contain? Reveal/Hide Answer

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